Music Staff

Elementary School

Instrumental Music Teachers

Casa Loma Martha Redstone 631-5200
Chavez Aaron Sorensen 631-5870
College Heights Nicole Russell 631-5220
Downtown Martha Redstone 631-5920
Eissler Adam Chrisman 631-5250
Evergreen Karl Stratemeier 631-5930
Fletcher Karl Stratemeier 631-5960
Franklin Karl Stratemeier 631-5270
Fremont Connie Sorensen 631-5280
Garza Aaron Sorensen 631-5290
Harding Julianna Mumau 631-5300
Harris Crystal Walker 631-5310
Hills Adam Chrisman 631-5320
Hort Jeff Zelinka 631-5330
Jefferson Connie Sorensen 631-5340
Longfellow Brett Clausen 631-5350
Horace Mann Esther Lee 631-5360
McKinley Brett Clausen 631-5370
Mt. Vernon Esther Lee 631-5380
Munsey Aaron Sorensen 631-5390
Nichols Crystal Walker 631-5400
Noble Nicole Russell 631-5410
Owens Intermediate Jeff Zelinka 631-5950
Pauly Esther Lee 631-5430
William Penn Jeff Zelinka 631-5440
Pioneer Drive Martha Redstone 631-5450
Roosevelt Julianna Mumau 631-5460
Thorner Connie Sorensen 631-5490
Voorhies Julianna Mumau 631-5800
Wayside Adam Chrisman 631-5820
Frank West Crystal Walker 631-5830
Williams Brett Clausen 631-5840


Vocal Music Specialist Teachers

Mt. Vernon Schuyler Johnson 631-5380
Thorner Carolyn Stewart 631-5490



Junior High/Middle School

Instrumental Music Teachers

Cato Middle School Daniel Hernandez 631-5245
Chipman Junior High School Mark Howard 631-5210
Compton Junior High School Marc Rodriguez 631-5230
Curran Middle School Robert Morales 631-5240
Downtown School Martha Redstone 631-5920
Emerson Middle School Rocky Montbriand 631-5260
Sequoia Middle School Joshua Barr 631-5940
Sierra Middle School Tony Aguilar 631-5470
Stiern Middle School Justin Milota 631-5480
Washington Middle School Stephen Johnson 631-5810

Vocal Music Teachers

Cato Middle School Teriesa Smith 631-3000
Chipman Junior High School Nichole Heasley 631-5210
Compton Junior High School Ingrid Borja 631-5230
Curran Middle School Maritza Borja 631-5240
Downtown School Teriesa Smith 631-5920
Emerson Middle School Nichole Heasley 631-5260
Sequoia Middle School Ingrid Borja 631-5940
Sierra Middle School Teriesa Smith 631-5470
Stiern Middle School Maritza Borja 631-5480
Washington Middle School Stephen Johnson 631-5810
Nondiscrimination Policy

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