Tier 2

Students will most likely respond to Tier 1 level of support but will still exhibit some specific difficulties. These students may be demonstrating academic and/or behavioral deficits that will require more intensive supports. Tier 2 interventions can be effective in working with students at-risk for academic  and/or behavioral concerns.

Tier 2 small group interventions are strategies and procedures put into place to support a group of students who display similar needs or deficits as identified through the data review described above. Typically about 15-20% of students will continue to have problems and will need the more intensive interventions. Approximately 10-15% will respond to the targeted group interventions.

When a student is part of a small group intervention the staff members who interact with him/her should be made aware of it so that they can also provide the right types of prompts and encouragement. Small group interventions provide an opportunity for the students to have a more personal, positive connection with at least one additional adult. This is important because many of these students’ school experiences have not been successful.

Tier 2 team member meet bi-weekly to discuss student supports, outcomes and monitor progress to ensure 70% of students are responding to tier 2. Team members include: Behavior Intervention Specialist, Administrator, School Psychologist and other members as required (e.g., School Social Worker, School Nurse).


Tier-II-Guidebook---8_19-1Tier II Guidebook (PDF)