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  • Downtown school logos are acceptable on all items of clothing; our colors are teal, white, navy blue, black, and ash.
  • Any ENTIRELY teal, white, navy blue, black, or ash shirts with long or short sleeves. No trim colors are appropriate.
  • Long sleeve t-shirts, including turtle neck shirts, in solid colors of teal, white, navy blue, black, or ash, can be worn alone or under an appropriate shirt, if needed due to cold weather.
  • School tee-shirts.  School tee shirts may be worn on campus and may come in a variety of colors and styles. Appropriate t-shirts include those with the school logo, and any shirt earned at school events.
  • All shirts need to cover the abdominal area of the child. No spaghetti straps.

 Pants and shorts

  • Navy blue, black, ash, khaki slacks, and denim pants are acceptable on boys and girls at any time. Pants must be of the appropriate size, fit and length.  Slacks and denim jeans must be solid in color, with no embellishments, holes, worn, fringed, or threadbare areas.  Elastic waistbands are permitted if needed by child.
  • Shorts.  Navy blue, black, ash, and khaki walking length shorts in trouser or denim material will be accepted throughout the year.  Elastic waistbands are permitted if needed by child.
  • Navy Blue, black, ash, plaid, and khaki jumper dresses, skirts and skorts of cotton twill or denim are acceptable. Girls should wear shorts under skirts and dresses at all times as this will facilitate physical activities and floor exercises.  Tights and leggings are permitted in solid colors of navy, black, khaki, ash, or white but must be worn only under skirts or dresses.  Our school plaid is #76.
  • The length of shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses must cover the leg area of the mid-thigh to the knee, at minimum.
  • Gym type clothes are not permitted; this includes sweatpants, running pants or shorts, basketball type shorts and shirts, etc.  Students in grades 7-8 are permitted to change, as needed, for PE, and after school sports athletes may change into practice attire after school to fully participate in their sports.


Outer garments

  • Sweatshirts and sweaters. Solid color crew neck, cardigan, and hooded sweatshirts are permissible. Sweaters or jackets in navy, black, ash, white, and teal may be worn.  Items (such as sweatshirts, sweaters, or jackets) with the school logo or earned through participation in school events are also appropriate.  NO LOGOS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL LOGOS ARE ACCEPTABLE (For example, high school and college logos are permitted.).
  • Coats and jackets. Any style or color of outwear is permissible outdoors, but outerwear should be removed in the classroom if not in compliance with the above stated guidelines.



  • Appropriate shoes should be a priority. There are no limitations on color. Skate tennis shoes are not allowed.  As students are required to participate in physical activities such as running, jumping, skipping, etc., dress shoes, high heels, sandals without back straps, and thong style shoes of any type are not acceptable.  Parents are discouraged from sending children in shoes that may restrict their full participation in all school activities.


  • Traditional hair styles and colors that are not disruptive to the school environment are acceptable. In addition, hair length should not be such as to obstruct vision.

The Uniform Committee will continue to meet as needed to address uniform concerns and to adjust the policy to meet the needs of the families we serve.


Revised 8/4/2017

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